If you're still using incandescent bulbs, it's time to see the light!

What Are My Lighting Options?
When you're ready to upgrade your incandescent bulbs, here are two great options for new light bulbs.
  • Compact Fluorescent (CFL) bulbs are just as bright as incandescents, but generate about 70% less heat! While they are initially more expensive than incandescents, each CFL bulb can save you $30 to $175 in electricity costs over its lifetime.
  • Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs are great choices for recessed lighting, because they can direct light right where you want it! Energy Star LED lights can decrease energy use by more than 75%, and they last 25 times longer than incandescents.

Simple Steps Can Add Up to Big Savings!

Upgrading your incandescent light bulbs to CFL or LED bulbs is one of the easiest ways to get started on the road to energy efficiency! An easy way to begin is by switching the five most frequently used lights in your home—this alone will cut your energy bills by about $60 each year. And because the new bulbs are advancing at the speed of light, you'll be able to find bulbs for almost any appliance, and in the color and wattage that you want. Sign up for an energy assessment to get more great energy-saving ideas, customized for your home!