The Lantern Philosophy

Here at Lantern Energy, we believe that most people want to do what's right for the earth, but just aren't sure where to begin.

A Company on a Mission

Our goal is to inspire action by providing homeowners and business-owners with a simple path to energy efficiency. We'll show you some practical ways to begin, and we'll be by your side every step of the way.

Practicing What We Preach

We strive to reduce our carbon footprint a little more each day. Because we know that little changes can make a big impact, Lantern makes energy efficiency not just our business, but a part of our business practices, too:

  • We cut back on unnecessary traveling by giving crews their assignments electronically
  • Crews are assigned to local service areas, reducing vehicle wear and tear as well as our impact on the environment
  • Each crew drives an eco-friendly vehicle

Go us tree-huggers!

We're dedicated to saving energy and helping to preserve our planet. Lantern Energy began with a vision of helping others discover this passion, and that dream has already become a reality. So call us tree-huggers. And when you're ready to start saving, call us!