Room Air Conditioners 101

Summer Tips

As the summer warms up, no doubt you'll soon be reaching for your air conditioner's "ON" switch! Here are some great tips to make the most of room air conditioners throughout the next few months.

  • Install room air conditioners on the north side of your home, to avoid placing the unit in direct sunlight. You can cut down on your AC's electricity usage by up to 10% just by placing it in the shade rather than the sun!
  • If you must install a unit in a sunny spot, try planting trees or shrubs nearby to shade it.
  • If there are already trees or shrubs near your air conditioner, or if you'll be planting some, be sure these won't block the unit's air flow.

And when it's time to look for a new air conditioner...

  • Consider an Energy Star unit for maximum efficiency and lower costs. 
  • Consider the size of the room you'll be cooling—getting a unit that's too big or too small can waste energy.