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We've helped thousands of families in New England to save money and live more comfortably by improving the energy efficiency of their homes. Read their testimonials below to hear what they have to say about their experience with Lantern Energy!

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Already noticed a HUGE difference!

“John was here for the HEP visit - he said that 3 guys came and they checked out the entire apartment including windows, doors, and equipment. They put a huge fan/vacuum over the back door which allowed them to see where the drafts were coming in through windows and doors. They put weather stripping up on the doors and caulked the windows. We've already noticed a HUGE difference. The rooms are maintaining their heat for much longer periods of time, especially the living room and the back bedroom upstairs, so our heat is no longer kicking on every few minutes. They also changed the water diffusers on the faucets to save on water usage. John said they also looked at the vent that runs from the dryer and did some work on that. They also changed every single light bulb in our apartment to energy efficient ones. They weren't able to gain access to see what the insulation is like in the roof area so it sounds like checking insulation is something they also typically do but weren't able to here. Thank you for having this done! It'll be interesting to see the difference in our utility bills!”

Jane & John, Oakdale, CT