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Wind Energy

Throughout history, humans have harnessed the power of wind to help them propel boats, pump water, cut wood, and grind grain. Today, wind is one of the fastest-growing sources of electricity in the world.

Why Embrace Wind Technology?
Wind energy...
  • Is profitable. Wind energy has the highest Energy Profit Ratio (EPR) of the commonly known energy sources (50:1), making it one of the most worthwhile energy investment choices.
  • Is a native fuel. Electricity is generated right at the source of the fuel, so there is no destructive mining process involved, and there is no need for transportation.
  • Conserves water resources. Generating an equivalent amount of electricity with nuclear power requires about 600 times more water; with coal, about 500 times more water.
  • Is pollution-free. The process of generating wind energy does not produce any harmful emissions into the air.

How to Take Advantage of Wind Energy

The U.S. Department of Energy recently laid out a plan to fuel at least 20% of the U.S. electricity grid with wind energy by 2030. Homes, businesses and farms with at least one acre of land can participate in this initiative with smaller wind turbines, starting at a capacity of one kilowatt. Generating electricity with with a small-scale wind turbine can lower your electricity bills by 50% to 90%!