Put Your Business to the Test

Lantern Energy realizes that between the very large commercial projects and small residential projects, commercial Main Street America is forgotten. We consider small business properties to be one of the largest opportunities for energy conservation. By scheduling an Energy Assessment you will be able to see the improvements to your bottom line by lowering energy costs. 

Commercial Energy Solutions
During a commercial energy assessment, Lantern's professional technicians will thoroughly evaluate your building's energy efficiency, including its...
  • Lighting. Cut back on your utility bills when you upgrade to LED.
  • Air sealing. Lantern's technicians can perform advanced air sealing repairs, when necessary.
  • Duct sealing. Don't let heated or cooled air escape through air leaks or faulty duct connections.
  • Insulation. A building's efficiency can be greatly improved by adding or replacing its existing insulation.
  • Heating and cooling efficiency. Get the most out of the money you spend on heating and cooling. Our technicians can show you how.
  • Hot water efficiency. If your water heater is working overtime, your money may be going down the drain!

The Benefits - Enhance your public image and improve your bottom line.

When you schedule a commercial energy assessment, you'll be given customized reports providing you with the best energy-efficiency recommendations, complete with all the details you need. Read more about what Lantern Energy offers:

Available Programs for Commercial Customers: