Adding Insulation

Insulation is recognized as the most efficient energy-saving expenditure. And if your home is uncomfortably warm in the summer or cold in the winter, your home may need new or additional insulation.

How Much is Enough?
In general, you can get an idea of how much insulation your home has by checking in your attic. The insulation should come past the top of the joists in the floor—if it doesn't, you may need to consider adding more. However, the material's thickness is neither the only nor the most important factor in determining whether your home's insulation is adequate, so it's usually best to check with an expert before making changes.

Before & After Results of a Lantern Insulation Job

 We've Got You Covered!

Lantern Energy's technicians perform an insulation check as part of every energy assessment. If your insulation falls short, Lantern can help—we are a certifed installer of cellulose insulation. Contact us today for more information and Apply for financing.