Ready to Reduce Your Energy Bills?

What are the energy bills in your home like?

  • If your household is anything like the average New England household, you're spending around $2,500 a year on home energy bills. 
  • For Connecticut residents the average is 25% higher than the New England average. 

Wouldn't you like to do something else with that money? Lantern Energy wants to help you reduce those utility costs. We can show you ways to save without even missing a thing!

Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference!

Check out the average annual savings for these simple steps:

  • Switching light bulbs to CFLs: $80
  • Duct sealing: $95
  • Increased insulation in walls and attic: $111
  • Air sealing: $38
  • Switching to a programmable Energy Star thermostat: $29

Annual savings averages provided by the U.S. Department of Energy's Residential Energy Consumption Survey

A Smart Investment

Did you know that many of the energy efficiency measures you can take around the home actually have a bigger payoff than the typical bank account? Taking steps towards a greener, healthier home can save you money every month—and now is the best time to start, because Lantern can help you take advantage of great rebate and incentive programs!