Put Your Properties to the Test

When it comes to energy efficiency, taking a "whole-home" approach to a multifamily residence can be a challenge. That's why an energy assessment is the best way to determine how you can make your property more energy- and cost-efficient.

What to Expect During Your Energy Assessment
  • Experience. Assessment and work will be performed only by professional technicians certified by the Building Performance Institute (BPI).
  • Insight. Problem areas in a multifamily residence are not always obvious. Technicians will perform the necessary tests to identify areas of the building's structure and HVAC system that need improvement.
  • Assistance. Lantern Energy will be your partner every step of the way—providing you with a comprehensive report including strategies for cost savings, and helping you to get the financing for your energy efficiency improvements.
  • Communication. We know that every residence is unique. Our careful evaluation of your building means you'll get customized solutions that are right for you. Nothing more, nothing less.

The Benefits

An energy assessment can help you improve the comfort and safety of your home while creating quieter units. Lantern will also identify other maintenance issues during our visit.

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