No matter what’s happening outside, a Kohler® backup generator allows you to keep your business up and running during a power outage.

How Standby Power Generators Work

  • Lantern will assess your power needs and help you select the ideal commercial-grade generator.
  • Your generator will be installed on the exterior of your facility, just as an AC unit would be. With a corrosion-proof enclosure, your generator can stand up to the elements.
  • If the power goes out, your generator will turn on automatically within seconds—there’s no need to manually turn it on.
  • Your commercial generator will be powered by natural gas or propane, a clean-burning and environmentally friendly fuel option.
  • Kohler® generators come with a 5-year or 2,000-hour limited warranty for added peace of mind.
  • Not at the office? No problem. With the OnCue® Plus Generator Management System, you’ll receive real-time status alerts wherever you go.

Don’t wait. Prepare your facility today for the unknowns of tomorrow.

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