Ground Mount

Fast, Easy, & Eco-Friendly Ground Screw Installation

In many cases rooftop solar may not work for every home or small business due to shading, roof space, or roof orientation. In some cases many customers would prefer not to jeopardize the longevity of the roof or may not prefer the look of panels on the roof. If you are considering a Ground Mount Solar Solution, Lantern Electrical has the experience and ability to provide a turnkey Ground Mount Installation for your home or business. 

Unlike a traditional rooftop solar installation, our ground mount systems can be designed and tilted perfectly to maximize your energy production. 

Lantern Electrical can offer a variety of options including a utility carport, open pavilion style canopy, and a simple fixed tilt system all installed seamlessly with our custom equipment and high quality ground screws and galvanized steel framing. 

Ground Mount Solar Installation by Lantern Electrical

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