Prepare to Weather the Storm.

Why you should install a standby generator before this hurricane season.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is predicting an above normal 2020 Atlantic hurricane season. The NOAA states “as with every hurricane season, the need to be prepared is critically important this year.” Installing a standby generator in your home or business is one efficient way to stay prepared.

The benefits

When the power goes out you should be able to depend on a standby generator to keep your power going. Portable generators are not as reliable to keep your power running for an extended period of time. Most portable generators only run for 10-11 hours at 25 to 50 percent load capacity. Kohler® whole-house generators are dependable and have a high load capacity. Within 10 seconds of an outage a Kohler® generator will turn on automatically and reset your electrical power. A standby generator keeps your refrigerator, lights, and other appliances working, the heat or AC on, and your water running.

Kohler® standby generators are long-lasting. Portable generators will not last multiple hurricane seasons. Kohler® standby generators possess tough composite enclosure, which means no rusting or corrosion. The standby generators last anywhere from 10-15 years. Kohler® generators are also backed by a 5-year or 2,000-hour limited warranty.

Standby systems are also low in noise level. The generators are installed outside the home and therefore a distance away from any individual. Safety is another reason to install a stand-by generator. Portable generators often times can be dangerous, can release small amounts of carbon monoxide and cause fire hazards. Kohler® generators were created to sustain hurricane weather.

The Installation Process

With a standby, our trained electrical experts will install everything. This includes the power transfer switch and the fuel source. The residential or commercial generator will be powered by natural gas or propane, a clean-burning and environmentally friendly fuel option. Portable generators are unreliable, can cause safety hazards and are not convenient during a storm. Stay prepared by installing a dependable standby generator. Give us a call today and Lantern’s experts will assess your family’s power needs and budget to help you select the ideal generator.

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