Time for an Electrical Panel Upgrade

The electrical panel is an essential component responsible for powering your entire home. The panel receives incoming power from the utility company and distributes it through circuits that supply electricity to all lights, appliances, outlets, and various home devices. Electrical panel maintenance should be part of your regular routine. There are many reasons why you should upgrade your electrical panel. 

Before and after electrical panel upgrade installed by our Lantern Electrical team.


The number one reason to upgrade or replace your panel is safety. If panel wires are overcrowded it becomes an electrical fire hazard. An upgrade will remove potential wiring faults and prevent electrical fires. 

Worn-out electrical panels that may contain faulty breakers, damaged wires, and loose connections can also put you at risk for electric shock. Ensured flow of energy will also prevent burnt out appliances and flickering lights. 

Flow of Electricity

The flow of electricity will improve when you upgrade. If you live in an older home an electrical panel upgrade or replacement is highly recommended. Outdated panels do not have electrical capacity for major appliances (refrigerator, washer and dryer, air conditioning). An upgrade is also recommended if you plan on renovating your home.

When you upgrade your panel to 200 amps your home can sustain a large flow of electricity and you can expect fewer power surges. This will prevent blown fuses or potential damage to current appliances. 

Reduce Cost

A new panel will lower the cost of your electric bill every month as a result of electricity flowing more efficiently. The cost of your homeowner’s insurance will also be reduced because your updated electric panel creates a safer environment. A safer home can result in a discount on your annual bill.

Today’s Technology

In a world where technological advancements are part of our everyday life it is important to have a reliable system. Outdated panels were not designed for modern technology usage. Phone and laptop charging, televisions, smart-home gadgets and other devices all rely on electricity. COVID-19 and stay at home orders have also increased everyone’s daily electricity usage. 

Time for an Upgrade

Electrical panel maintenance is essential for keeping your home safe. Upgrading or replacing an old electrical panel will improve your flow of electricity. Improved flow will reduce costs on your electric and home insurance bill. Upgrades will allow your home to sustain today’s technology and modern appliances. 

Our electrical experts are here to help you with upgrading your panel. Contact us to schedule an assessment, service or for further information on electrical panel upgrades. 

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